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Our Accountants in Maidenhead Answer Your Questions

At Higgins Day, our Chartered Accountants, Auditors and experienced individuals meet new clients from the Maidenhead area almost every day and most of them naturally have a few questions to ask about tax, VAT returns, bookkeeping, audits and payroll management. Many of the clients our Accountants and Auditors talk to about these issues are business startups in need of professional advice.


To help make your first visit to us a little easier, we’ve answered some of the more common queries we receive from business startups in Maidenhead.


Do I really need the services of Chartered Accountants?


If you’re one of the many new business startups we meet at our Maidenhead offices each year, we think it’s essential that you use a team of Accountants, Auditors and qualified personnel until you’ve found your feet. Unless you’ve conducted audits before or have a qualification in bookkeeping, certain things aren’t going to come easy. Would you know how to manage your payroll, for example?


There’s also tax returns to think about and, if you’re one of the more successful business startups, what happens when you need to file VAT returns? Our Chartered Accountants and Auditors in Maidenhead make your first commercial venture surprisingly easy to manage.


I am worried about tax and payroll duties. Can you help?


Absolutely! We are tax and payroll management specialists and we already look after the needs of many other businesses in the Maidenhead and Berkshire areas. Our Accountant, our Auditors and our supporting team are familiar with all formats of payroll software. If you have staff on PAYE, we’ll ensure their tax and national insurance obligations are met in full.


Can you teach me how to do my own bookkeeping?


Yes. While our Chartered Accountants, Auditors and personnel in Maidenhead are happy to care for your accounts over any period of time, we realise that some of our clients would eventually prefer to have a greater control and understanding of bookkeeping themselves. We’ll provide the help and training needed if you want to have a crack at bookkeeping in the future!


What are audits and why might I need them?


The Accountants at Higgins Day perform independent audits for clients in the Maidenhead area to ensure the legality and validity of bookkeeping and financial records. Audits will highlight any discrepancies and, should you need them to, our Chartered Accountants will provide advice on how to get things into order and how to stop reoccurrences.


Audits are particularly useful at identifying problems that could lead to financial penalties, such as the late filing of VAT returns or tax return forms.


I’m not sure my business is big enough to need Accountants. How will I know?


If you have to deal with tax, payroll duties or bookkeeping, our Chartered Accountants our Auditors and the rest of our team would love to hear from you. We already have many clients from Maidenhead, some of whom are sole traders while others are limited companies going through major growth. All of them need the services of Accountants and Auditors in one way or another so we can probably help you.


If you need to find out more about essential accountancy services for business startups in Maidenhead, or if you’d like to discuss audits and VAT returns for an established company, Higgins Day are here to help. All you need to do is call and arrange your first consultation.


Are you ready to make your business grow? Call our Chartered Accountants, Auditors and experienced individuals in Maidenhead now and watch your business startups flourish.

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